Retract, Retrace and Rebuild!

Grow 1 Mountain

Grow 1 Mountain is a workshop that I created, taking after my life experiences, methods, and knowledge. It is a comprehensive plan to invigorate, heal, and give you the strength to proceed ahead with things in life that would give meaning to your life and existence.

Where I Felt Grow1Mountain's Need?

I try to keep the work and real-life balance to the best of my capabilities, but working for a cause like this makes you fall in the guilt trap to give more to your work to benefit humanity. After many months of dark grey days, when I headed back to my hometown in Transylvania to unwind, the idea hits me like a rock. I was sightseeing, and I love mountain climbing; at least, I aspire to climb more. I thought of all the life ambitions people gave when they find them scary from afar. However, if we approach the objective bit by bit, summit a little more each day, we can achieve whatever we set our heart to. With that belief, I formed this Grow 1 Mountain system to become this community where we empower each other and summit some distance each day.


The person behind Grow 1 Mountain

My name is Madalina Pavel; I am a scientist researcher and currently participating in clinical research dealing with the dark subject matter of Oncology. I call it dark because we have still not conquered the disease, as scientists and researchers, but now we are on the brink of it. In my capacity, I work bringing healthcare and technology together to achieve an analytical approach to solve some complex strategies and implementation problems. I believe Artificial Intelligence will change everything greatly, especially healthcare.

Madalina Pavel

“Between my intense work, work routine, and fast-paced life, I find myself grounded and more connected to nature when looking at the mountain. Mountain gazing brings some amazing and rejuvenating vibes, inspiring one to do marvelous and unforgettable things.”

Analogy behind Grow 1 Mountain

Since the idea came into my head when I was longingly preparing to summit 2000 m., the whole perception comes from the same place. Just like a climber preparing to climb, you “losing” all the excess weight to make your climb easier and agile. You only anchor your way up with the word ‘g.’ Now that you have lost what makes your climb slower and tardy, you can move faster than before. After reaching the top, you can look down and ponder how you made your journey easier and how you are more in power with little change, more in control. On the top of the mountain now, you precede ahead, taking your wounds with you and taking that ‘g’ along into “grow.” Once you accomplish it, you have thirteen more mountains to write.


What’s next?

I am in the process of writing books, and my projects are in the raw and refining processes. With work and family I try to give some time to my writing, when possible because sharing with people and helping them in whichever way is extremely gratifying.